Myriad possibilities

Revisions are driving me crazy. I hate to complain. Honestly, I wish this was more fun than it was, or that I was more appreciative than I am currently at this moment. The thing that kills me is that I know these revisions will make the book 10 times better, but it’s just so overwhelming! I think I have figured out why this is. I feel like, when you’re writing the damn thing, things just seem to work a certain way; at least, with me, I don’t often reach a point where I’m like, “The possibilities for what comes next are infinite; which one shall I choose?!” I always seem to have a very clear sense of where I’m going with something.

But in revisions, it’s like, suddenly there are all these changes you could or could not make. Yes, the book is one way, BUT! you could move this scene in front of this scene, or move it back; I’ve already rearranged about four scenes, but did I have to? Is it going to make the book read any better? I think so, but at this point I’m so mired in the middle of it I can’t properly judge, probably. Also, I could cut this line–it feels like I should cut it–but if I add this one, or cut this other one, too, will it make it better? Worse? Will it even make a difference?

There are so many small changes you can make once the bulk of the book is done. And it’s hard to know what sort of an impact those changes will make on the overall product–probably not a huge one, all things considered. It’s driving me crazy! And the other thing is, you can work on a book FOREVER and it still won’t be perfect, so HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN TO STOP TWEAKING?

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