As you might have been able to tell from yesterday’s post, I was sort of in the middle of something. I spent about ten hours, with only small breaks for walks (actually, only one, since I was sort of accosted by a creepy old man who, looking back on it, was making lewd sexual comments to me, cleverly disguised as a mini-treatise on race and gender, and kept trying to follow me home, at which point I announced to my roommate “I’m never leaving this apartment again!” This is a lie, I went to work today) and meals, doing revisions on the MS. I got so sunk in that I was sort of overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do, and it was making me nervous as the page count started to rise. I still kind of am a little nervous and overwhelmed, although blogging helps, it helps to get out of the house.

You know what else helps? Arrested Development. My brother J.J. gave me all three seasons for Christmas and I hadn’t watched much of it lately, until I read posts on Pajiba (which is calling it one of the best 15 television seasons of the last 20 years) and Stuff White People Like and got the urge to watch. Since Pajiba suggested Season 2, that’s what I popped in, and let me tell you, I really had forgotten JUST how funny the show can be.

For instance:

Gob: I bought a boat…The Seaward.
Michael: You’re not getting a boat.
Gob: [doing rock, paper, scissors] One, two, three.
Michael: You’re not gonna do it…
[does rock]
Gob: Paper covers rock.
Michael: Fine, but rock sinks boat.
Lucille: [entering room] Michael.
Michael: Just a minute, Mom.
[to GOB]
Michael: Get rid of The Seaward.
Lucille: I’ll leave when I’m good and ready.

Ahhhhh!!! You can’t write that shit…Well, I can’t write that shit! It’s so great. And, of course, there’s the perpetually funny: “Not tricks, Michael, illusions. Tricks are what a whore does for money.” Except usually I mess it up and say: “Tricks are for whores,” which makes sense on a whole different level.

In writing news, I think I’m going to go to Staples and get the necessary equipment for a plotting board to help me sort out my editing jam. Thanks go out to Diana Peterfreund, whose tireless how-tos are really very helpful. And colorful, which I always like.

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