Victory is multi-colored

Holy frijoles, Batman, the plot board is finito! Only half of that sentence was real English! None of it was real Spanish! Anyway. Behold, the finished product:

Um, seriously folks? This plot board nearly killed me. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, BUT! Making it was hard. But SOOOO beneficial. I’m actually really excited to tackle the changes tomorrow (I’ve been making little ones because I can’t help myself, but I should really stop and go in order, because otherwise I’ll get confused and…well, I think I’ve established I’m easily confused). I’m taking a break tonight, though, clowns, because I am TIRED. I got up super early this morning to hide Easter eggs around the office for my coworkers and now I’m pretty much beat. But isn’t the plot board pretty? Don’t stare too long, it may hypnotize you, as it’s done several times to me.

To be clear (just in case anybody’s interest in making one of their own), each square is a chapter, and each color Post-It corresponds to a subplot: Protag #1’s arc, Protag #2’s arc, the mystery–the novel’s a mystery, maybe I mentioned that already?–, and the relationships between Protag #1 and Protag #2, and Protag #1 and Protag #3. Protag #3’s arc doesn’t get a Post-It of its own because A. I didn’t have enough Post-It colors and B. she’s dead, so her arc is blended in with her relationship with Protag #3 and the mystery subplot itself. The first square is a prologue, which this book actually doesn’t have (the Post-It in that square is a different color yellow than the one I use throughout the rest of it, and it reads “N/A”) because I plan on using this board again for MB and, as of right now, that novel does have a prologue. God, I can’t wait to use the protagonists’ real names. Once we sell, I can! So cross your fingers for that.

Okay, I’m done.

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