Pretty freakin’ important

Happy Easter everybody! Because we’re far away from our families, my friend Cambria and I exchanged Easter baskets before going to brunch after our respective churchy services.


That horse you see in the back there? His name is Whiffles, and Cambria got him because she thought he was a unicorn, a clever little shout-out to our unabashed, puerile love for Charlie the Unicorn. I wonder if Diana Peterfreund has seen Charlie the Unicorn, as she’s writing a YA about killer unicorns and if there are two more sinister unicorns than the ones who drag Charlie to Candy Mountain, well, I don’t want to know about it. Anyway, Whiffles is not a unicorn, he’s just a regular horse (I had to give Cambria VERY SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS not to eat him, as she’s a fan of the exotic meats), but he does have some pretty funky hair that with a little gel could resemble a unicorn horn. I tried to fashion him one out of one of my leftover Post-Its, but it, um, didn’t work out as planned.

Anyway! This photo also gives a tiny little peek into my very humble abode; that white fabric with pink tulips on it is one of my pillow shams, and to the right you see my beloved laptop, Iphigenia Doubtfire. We’ve been through some rough times, me and Iphy, but she always has my back. Maybe I’ll tell you about it some day.

I’ll leave you with one final photo. A little sacreligious, but since Peeps probably have as much to do with the true spirit behind the celebration of Easter as red and green M&Ms have to do with Christmas, I think I’m on the safe side of blasphemy tonight. Enjoy!

peep show

It’s a Peep show! Geddit?

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