Literature in miniature

I was planning on writing a big post about Bob Miller’s new imprint at HarperCollins, but it’s unfinished and must thus wait another day. But I did want to give a big mention to a book I’m reading right now, Sloane Crosley‘s collection of essays I Was Told There’d Be Cake. It took me a helluva lot of searching at the Time Warner Center Border’s to finally find this book. I looked at the “new in paperback” table. I looked at the “new in hardcover” table even though I knew it was released in trade paper. I looked at the “new in mass market” table, too, even though I knew it probs. wouldn’t be there. I looked at all the [insert number] for [insert number] tables, I looked in the “featured biographies & memoirs” section (it’s near the café…I didn’t know, either), I looked in the “book club picks” section, the “staff recommends” section, the “new this week” section near the check out counter. It was nowhere. I knew they couldn’t not have it, so FINALLY, on my third trip to this particular Border’s looking for the book I asked the kid at the info booth who informed me that the eight copies they had were in the “humor” section, which…well, at least they were face-out. And also there weren’t really eight, there were like three, which is good news for Sloane! (Assuming that this means, of course, that other people who were better at finding the book than I was bought it.)


Anyway, the essays are hilarious, and bonus! In an effort to make her website a bit more fun, Sloane made a bunch of Plexiglass dioramas depicting scenes from her essays and uploaded the pictures on Flickr. It completely appeals to my little girl-esque devotion to anything tiny enough to fit in a pencil box and combines my adoration of miniatures with my nostalgia for My Little Ponies. Go look, but be warned–you’ll want the book, and for good reason. I am, for one, completely enthralled with it. Sloane, be my new best friend!

[Photo, of course, property of Sloane Crosley.]

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