Google confusion

The strangest thing happened to me today. The email I use for this blog is not the email I use for just my every day nonsense (I thought it best to separate them, I don’t really know why; maybe I just like sending Google invitations to myself) and I thought maybe, since so many people were commenting (thank you! I love you), I might’ve gotten some emails. I was pretty sure I’d set that account to forward to the account I have open all day, every day but I just wanted to make sure. Turns out, it so wasn’t. Also: there are emails in that inbox from my senior year in college. I graduated in 2001, so you do the math. I can’t believe I even had that account in college! It’s gotten to the point where I pretty much control every permutation of my name on Gmail, but of course I can’t remember all the passwords to all the addresses, so I just picked this one randomly and then figured out the password and I must not even have looked in the inbox because I was so surprised to see all of those emails there. And also, why so many emails from the College Republicans? I wasn’t even in the College Republicans, although one of my sorority sisters did run for State Congress as a Republican (when she was twenty-one and still in school…it was sort of a one-off situation, but she got, like, 30% of the vote), so maybe I just volunteered in order to get involved in her campaign or something. I wonder if I still have her campaign t-shirt lying around…anyway. It was so weird. I archived all the old emails so that I wouldn’t lose anything permanently, and changed the settings so that now (hopefully) the emails should forward to my main account, but if you DID email me and you haven’t heard back please resend. Thanks!

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