Split blogsonality

Okay, just a few short months ago I had a different personal blog, and it was largely irreverent and stupid, but I think it was funny, and then I started this blog, meaning to provide a more serious commentary on the long and arduous process of being a writer, and somehow I became, like, this humorless drone whose post titles have TERRIBLE blog-themed puns in them (“blogsonality”? SERIOUSLY?!). Somehow, all my personality drained out of this blog and got sucked up by my Tumblr, which I do update a lot, like 4-6 times daily. I’m going to try really hard to integrate the random crap that I find funny or little boring bits about my life (with self-deprecating humor, I promise) into this blog as well, because I don’t want to Balkanize my virtual life. The internets are worth more to me than that.

Oh, and, P.S.? These are the types of stupid posts you’ll be seeing from now on. I’ll still write about writing or the publishing industry when it is relevant, but just so you know, mostly my brain is full of embarrassing pop culture knowledge and, like, Entenmenn’s cookies.

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  1. yeah! it was funny, very funny.

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