Music recommendations

As I build up a bigger circle of friends in New York, I build up a greater music collection, which is really a two-fold blessing. This week, after an iTunes snafu in which I thought I had pre-ordered an album but wasn’t charged for it and it wasn’t available for download, Marisa brought me her copy of The Weepies’ new CD, Hideaway. It is so amazing you guys! For those who don’t know much about The Weepies, it’s this band fronted by singer-songwriters Deb Talan and Steve Tannen, whose last names sort of rhyme and are married and have a baby if you can believe it! They were originally solo artists, then met and discovered a profound musical connection, which translated to the formation of The Weepies and the release of their first album, Happiness, which according to Marisa was just for all the happy songs they’d each written that didn’t have a place on their more sombre solo collections. Happy because they were in love! Or something. Anyway, it’s adorable music, heartwarming without being cheesy and completely intoxicating. My current faves (the whole album hasn’t really sunk in yet) are “How You Survived the War”, “Can’t Go Back Now”, “Orbiting”, “Not Dead Yet”, and the title track “Hideaway”, which is amazing.

Also, I must again encourage you to check out City Breathing. My current favorite of theirs right now is “We Can Retrace the Sinking Sky”, which is romantic but not heart-grindingly so. I’m looking forward to seeing another one of their shows at Matchless this month, and encourage any New York-area readers to go.

My new guilty music pleasure is the most recent Timbaland album, Shock Value, which isn’t really that shocking but is really good. I love how he’s kind of the Santana of hip-hop, and also that he and Justin Timberlake, besides having similar names, are also sort of musical soul mates. Timbaland’s fingerprints are all over FutureSex/LoveSounds and Timberlake is a collaborator on more than one song on Shock Value, but so are random bands like She Wants Revenge (“Time”), Fall Out Boy (“One and Only”, a favorite of mine), 50 Cent and Tony Yayo (“Come and Get Me”, another of my favorites, although I feel compelled to point out that “ghost rider” and “tostada” don’t really rhyme), and…Elton John? Yes.

Happy listening!

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