I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been engaging in some collaborative doodling (and that is NOT a euphemism, get your dirty minds out of the gutters…heh, doodling) with various and sundry friends of mine and I thought I’d share the results.

The Brunch Bunch:

Every Wednesday, my sitcom friends and I head down to the Lower East Side for Drunken Smart Ass Olympics a.k.a. trivia night. 2 for 1 domestic beers and lots of questions we should be able to answer but can’t, although our percentage correct is improving (over 50% last week!). To amuse ourselves between rounds, we’ve occupied ourselves with creating a felt pen-and-napkin comic strip called “The Brunch Bunch”, where in the characters are mostly food items but they act like people i.e. argue and cheat on each other.

Introducing the gang.

We’ve done a sort of mediocre job of keeping up with their story up until last week, when we drafted a couple of rough story boards with the sordid tale of Apple’s affair with Orange behind Pear’s back (Cambria: Which one’s the girl and which one’s the boy? Katie: The pear is the girl, look at her curves!) and then something between Brie (as in the cheese) and Wheat Beer about addiction?? It’s unclear, as we were drunk when we wrote these and also we didn’t put a whole lot of thought into the story arc. We resolve to do better in the future.

To be clear, the third panel is a flashback.

On the back of crossword puzzles (Eric Rhodes originals):

The other person I collaboratively doodle with is Eric. Our first piece was a painful exploration of the true evil behind the face of modern happiness…er, it’s a smiley face? With horns. It’s the first in (I hope) a long series of sketches that shows once and for all that Eric is the bigger cynic, and that secretly I believe in hearts and flowers and kittens and world peace.

Oh, how he cackles!

This piece has a title, “The Universal Story”, where in (from right to left, like the Hebrews do) the seeds of love are sown, the relationship blossoms, and then, as Eric put it, “She breaks your fuckin’ heart.” Except imagine that said in a Jersey accent, makes it sound even angrier. Also, it could be “He breaks your fuckin’ heart”, as love is an equal opportunity destroyer.

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