I thought that when I finished graduate school last June it would be the last time anyone ever gave me an “assignment”, but, as with most things, I was dead wrong! First of all, there’s my job, where I have assignments all the time although I like to think of them as “tasks.” But, of course, there’s my (very) nascent writing career to consider here. It seems like we’re at the tail end of the revision cycle with AUT; I sent my revisions to Joanna a few weeks ago before she went to London for the book fair and we spoke yesterday. She said she liked everything that I’d done, but she was going to send me a Word doc with changes tracked of small things (like, a character picks up a menu in a scene but he’s supposed to be at school…oops!) that I can fix with the stroke of a few keys, and also I’m going to write a little intro to Part Two because we thought maybe the transition was a little jarring. The good thing is that I know pretty much exactly where I want to go with it, and it probably won’t be longer than a page.

But, Joanna had one final assignment for me. She wanted me to think up a little pitch for the book, sort of like the kind you see in a query letter or an agent’s pitch letter. She said first just a one-sentence “Hollywood” type pitch–you know, “The Jungle Book meets The Nutty Professor” or something–and then one that is a few lines, so she can see how closely the ways in which we see the book overlap. Which is a fine exercise except Joanna already came up with the best one, which is “Brick meets Looking for Alaska” and after several hours of thinking I cannot come up with something even remotely better. I keep thinking “Gossip Girl meets…”, but that’s probably because I was thinking about this on the way home from Cambria’s after just having watched Gossip Girl (awesome ep, by the way, down goes Jenny Humphrey and Bri and I were right about Serena having “killed” someone! But no Chuck or Nate, and Georgina’s still around, boo). I mean, AUT is a murder mystery that takes place in a tony NorCal private school, and a lot of the characters are extremely wealthy and corrupt, but…it’s not anything like Gossip Girl, especially if we’re talking about the book series and not the show. So…needless to say, I’m a little lost on this for the moment. Hopefully if I just concentrate on making the changes Joanna suggests, writing an awesome Part Two intro, and cutting some pages/words (J thinks we’re okay on length, but advised me to cut anything I don’t think I need when going through the MS this time, which is solid advice), it will just come to me like a bolt of lightening. And hopefully it won’t include the words “Gossip Girl meets…”

2 Responses

  1. I’d be very curious to read something that is The Jungle Book meets The Nutty Professor!

  2. That can be my next project!

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