Neuroses? I’ve had a few.

So I got my edits from Joanna today and I just opened the Word doc and then quickly toggled applications so I wouldn’t have to look at it. Why? Well, it’s not the feedback I’m afraid of–like I said earlier, they’re just little changes, nothing major. You know what freaks me out? How it’s going to look. Yes: track changes. My eternal frienemy. You see, I tracked changes on my revision when I made my edits, and then I think Joanna tracked changes OVER my track changes, so probably both our changes are tracked on there. In retrospect, I should’ve accepted all changes when I sent the document to her, but I know I didn’t because I’ve opened the document I sent her on my work computer and guess what? Changes: tracked. The real reason I’m worried is because J said that she’s missing about 20 pages of my edited text, but when she prints it comes up with grey text, which looks like inserted text, which is probably actually light blue text, which is the color (also I bold it) of any text I insert. In other words, it’s probs a huge messola.

Word’s track changes feature actually appeals to my innate sense of order, but when there’s too much going on with a page I get overwhelmed, too much external stimuli, and it’s hard for me to focus. And, since I deleted and added all over the place in my revision, plus I assume that J stuck in a bunch of comment stickies and also may have added/deleted text (fixing typos or whatever, small things), I can just imagine what a colorful mess I’m about to pull up. Not fun!

You know what is fun? Actually getting the comments and doing the work. No, I still don’t love revising as much as I love writing, but J is such a great editor (in that she’s editing my MS, not that she’s actually an editor at a publishing house; for people just tuning in, she’s my agent) and also I know the MS gets better every time I revise. So…here I go, tackling the great changes-tracked beast that awaits me. I’ll report back…if I survive.

ETA: The doc seems to be fine, and I’ve figured out how to do it this next time around so we don’t have the Word problems we had this time. I’m a big crazy.

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