Ready? Let’s roll.

Like I said last week, since I moved to New York I’ve been inundated with music suggestions from every corner, which is totally awesome. A few days ago my friend Nikki emailed us all, ecstatic about the fact that one of her favorite Austin artists was playing a show in New York and inviting us all to come along. I went into this concert totally blind–er, deaf, I guess–because yesterday I didn’t even have time to listen to the artist’s music on MySpace or anything…I just bought my ticket and then headed out at 6:15 to meet the ladies for drinks and dinner at Nancy’s Whiskey Pub in TriBeCa. If you come to New York, you must visit Nancy’s, if only because the beers are $2.50 and the bartender is KERAZY!

Anyway, eventually we headed down to the Knitting Factory to see Bob Schneider. Let me tell you, I felt instantly at home. Why? Because, as I learned, a Bob Schneider show is basically a frat party. Thinking back to the last few shows I’ve been to, other than City Breathing every one of them (Regina Spektor, Tegan & Sara) has been, if not “girly”, then at least attended by a larger proportion of women than men. Tegan & Sara–all chicks, seriously, even though the hardest core Tegan & Sara fan I know is a guy. So it was a little strange to be surrounded by drunk straight guys who kept screaming at Bob to run his fingers through his hair and stuff.

Schneider’s music is sort of an eclectic mix. I’m sure he (and his fans) would be offended by nearly all of these comparisons, but he reminded me at various points of Jason Mraz, John Mayer and Dave Matthews, but with an edge (read: swearing and sexual content) that none of these performers usually display. Actually, the artist he most reminded me of was the Getaway People, the now-defunct Norwegian band I was obsessed with for quite a while in late high school/early college. The sad thing about the show was that all my favorite songs–the GP, rap-sounding ones–are unavailable on his albums, to my knowledge. Schneider had a couple of crowd-pleasing numbers, including the “sing-a-long” song “Tarantula” and “Sons of Ralph”, which he played last and is totally the FRAT BOY THEME SONG with its references to puking and drinking and having sex. I really enjoyed the classic “The King of the World” and two unreleased tracks (which you can buy off MySpace), “Ready Let’s Roll” and “The Assknocker.” If anybody was at the show and bought the live CD (my feet were so cramped up and we were so tired that we just booked it home after the show; the Knitting Factory is mercifully close to my train), please post the song list (or the songs, if you’re feeling frisky) on the internets so I can know what they all were…my very sketchy method of just going through his MySpace and iTunes, trying to remember which songs I liked, isn’t working very well.

(Oh, and another way the show was like a frat party? Everyone was really really disrespectful of the space, and lots of times of other people. Like, halfway through the show Cambria realized that someone had put empty beer bottles in her tote bag. I actually thought that was pretty funny, but she was grumpy so I tried not to die laughing.)

3 Responses

  1. I am a huge Bob Schneider Fan.

    If you go to you can download free Bob Schneider concerts that people have recorded. Just click on the live music archive and search by Bob and MP3 format. Good stuff!

  2. Thanks Kory!

  3. Doesn’t sound like quite my kind of thing but thanks for your early recommendation of The Weepies – totally addicted now. I can’t stop playing orbiting, although I had to google the words as I was singing you got me drunk the day I was born – which seemed random!

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