State of Play

As I may have mentioned before, I am wildly obsessed with actor James McAvoy (or TJM–That James McAvoy–as my roommate and I fondly refer to him), and have gone to great lengths to see anything and everything he’s ever been in. I’m basically down to the dregs now, old random British movies he did a while back and other things of that sort. Recently, I got my hands on the first disc of a BBC serial (why don’t we have more awesome serials/miniseries in this country? Just a question) called State of Play, and it is kick ass, even though TJM didn’t show his pretty little smirking face until the second hour. It’s a six-hour mini that tracks a newspaper team’s investigation of two unexplained deaths–the assassination of a fifteen-year-old black kid from the estate (housing project) and a female researcher for an MP who supposedly fell under a train–that are connected and entangled in a larger conspiracy. Like I said, completely kick ass.

Before you ask, I am totally watching it as a way to avoid doing my edits, but I swear that as soon as I finish with this last hour (I’m going to have to wait on the second disc to come from Netflix) I’m going to turn off the Internet and the DVD player and concentrate completely on my work. Well, maybe I’ll also have a crossword puzzle out for mini breaks. Oh, and also possibly Twilight, which I bought at Target yesterday (seriously, going to Target was one of the highlights of my weekend–I literally yearn, at times, for glimpses of suburbia, although the one I went to is in the Bronx and right over the bridge in Manhattan, so…not quite as suburban as one might prefer), and am now getting into despite the fact that I have put it aside once before for being slightly boring.

And because everybody gives a damn about my social life, I had an absolutely fantastic night in Brooklyn. It started off rather, hm, shall we say suspect? because I went to Bri’s new apartment, which you have to walk under the BQE to get to, so…But! Then we hopped on the G and headed down to the Fort Green/Boerum Hill-ish area to meet our friends Nikki and Katie. The first bar we went to had free popcorn and blackberry flavored beer, which was awesome, and then we went down the street to a bar that had board games (made me sort of miss Guthrie’s, sniff) and we played Phase 10! Which is, like, the all-time favorite 4S occupation of all time. It was really nice because I was winning for a while, but in the end it all evened out, we all were on Phase 10 at the same time, and of course Bri eventually won like she tends to do. Afterwards, we played darts and read poetry aloud to each other until closing time. Also, Bri made a new friend–the bar’s resident cat, whose had a really ridic name that I can’t remember. I’ll post pictures when I get them.

Seriously: Best. Night. Ever.

2 Responses

  1. State of Play is utterly brilliant, I love it. Hollywood are going to ruin it I’m sure in the movie version. Brad Pitt in the John Simm role and no Bill Nighy who is utter genius as the editor.
    The state within is another great brit miniseries – if you have room in the netflicks queue!

  2. Crowe will be wonderful in the role. Much better than the less than talented Brad Pitt would have been.

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