It’s a hit

So last night I went to the Rilo Kiley show at Terminal 5, which is, as it turns out, like, right next to the West Side Highway. Walking to the venue was sort of like walking to the end of the world? I felt sort of like we might fall off Manhattan, but we didn’t! Anyway, Terminal 5 is this weird old warehouse with many floors and chandeliers and freakishly clean bathrooms that have lollipops and peppermints as parting gifts. I don’t know.

Anyways! I made a new friend, Katie’s ex-coworker Jamie, who is pretty much one of the most hilarious people I’ve ever met, funnier than me, and I don’t usually think a lot of people are funnier than me because I’m an unrepentant narcissist. She has this very sweet apartment in Midtown, where she’s lived with her family for a lot of years but now she has the apartment to herself. In a town full of transplants, I don’t often meet people who grew up here–and by “here” I do not mean New Jersey. Jamie went to a posh private school on the Upper West Side and then to Brown and is pretty much the epitome of what I believe a real New Yorker my age to be except that she is totally awesome and I have honestly suspected that such people might not be awesome, but I gathered from the way she talked about her compatriots that maybe I was right and that she is a righteous exception.

We got to Terminal 5 around 8:30, and the opening band, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, was in the middle of their set. Katie (or Jamie? Somebody) said, quite rightly, that Thao was a bit like Björk, or “an unintelligible Cat Power”. Hee. Marisa gave me some of her songs, and I have to say, apropos of almost nothing, what is with so many people covering “You Really Got a Hold On Me” these days? And by “so many people” I mean Hanson and this Thao girl. I mean, I like the song, but it seems to me like sort of a weird choice? Or, maybe a little obscure for several people to choose to cover it? I don’t know. That really was an observation with no teeth. Unlike vagina dentata! Which we ended up discussing kind of a lot after the show. That was sort of my fault. Whatevskies! They made it into a movie, so it’s an appropriate post-show chat topic.

Um…so, Rilo Kiley went on at about 9:45 and played a pretty amazing set. It was a nice mix of old and new stuff. I might be the only person I know who actually likes most of Under the Blacklight; I’ve had several people tell me they do not know WHAT is going on with the album after, say, “Dreamworld” in some instances, “Smoke Detector” in others. I’m not the biggest fan of “Dejalo”, but I like almost everything else, although “Give a Little Love” seems out of place, and I guess “Smoke Detector” does too. “Dreamworld” isn’t my fave, but live it’s okay. Songs they played from Blacklight: “Silver Lining”, “Close Call”, “Moneymaker”, “Breakin’ Up”, “Dreamworld”, “15”. I was sort of surprised/disappointed they didn’t play the title track.

They also played some really great old stuff, like “Capturing Moods”, “A Better Son/Daughter”, and “With Arms Outstretched” from The Execution of All Things, and “It’s a Hit” (hence the post title; I love that song), “Does He Love You?” (another of my true faves), and “Ripchord” from More Adventurous. They finished it up with an encore that consisted of “I Never” from Adventurous and Marisa’s favorite double-header, “Portions for Foxes”/”Spectacular Views”, which apparently have the same chords or something music-y that I don’t understand but which made it REALLY COOL. I might have missed some songs, I haven’t seen the set list yet (if anybody knows where that is on the interwebs, shoot me an email at anna [ DOT ] jarzab [ AT ] gmail [ DOT ] com)*, but Brooklyn Vegan has some amazing pictures.

I have no energy to rant about New York concert-goers here, so just read my Tumblr. Because I’m cool like that, I’ve made a Muxtape especially for my favorite Rilo Kiley songs (except the ones I don’t have in mp3, sorry, maybe I’ll add them later). Feel the love.

*ETA: There’s a set list in the Brooklyn Vegan post comments, but for those who are curious enough to read this post but not curious enough to click another link, the set list was as follows:

Close Call
The Moneymaker
Capturing Moods
Breakin’ Up
Does He Love You?
The Absence of God
With Arms Outstretched
Hail to Whatever
It’s A Hit
Silver Lining
I Never

A Better Son/Daughter
Portions for Foxes
Spectacular Views

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