Run, don’t walk

I would never know as much about publishing or the business of being a writer (both the writing side and the business side) if it weren’t for two amazing blogs, those of Diana Peterfreund and Ally Carter. First of all, Diana’s new book in the super-fun Secret Society Girl series, Rites of Spring (Break), came out on Tuesday but I cheated and went to the bookstore on Monday hoping they’d already put it out, which they had. I finished it in a two-day gulp, and let me tell you I am so glad (whited out to prevent spoilage) that Amy finally realized how awesome Poe is, because I’ve been rooting for him since he started taking on a bigger role in Under the Rose, and also, that shower scene, HELLO. So definitely check out the series.

Moving on! Ally Carter, who is amazing, just posted 101 Tips for Writers on her blog, and they’re all both amazingly common-sensical and also completely necessary and helpful, especially for writers just starting out. Even though I know most of the tips already, I definitely need reminding, especially on the craft and writer’s block ones, so I’ll probably be revisiting the list often. Run don’t walk!

ETA: Sorry, apparently the link to Ally’s blog wasn’t working, but thanks to Katie’s eagle eye, it is now! I think. Oh, and on the subject of Diana, check out her snazzy new website. Update your RSS feed!

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