Playing ketchup

Hm, what to write in order to make a lame, tenuous connection between “catching up” and “ketchup”? Oh, how about this?! Kim and I were having a discussion recently about ketchup and whether or not you refrigerate it. This conversation evolved, naturally, from a talk about the Hebrew National 97% reduced fat hot dogs, which have so few calories that it’s like eating air but they are still DELICIOUS. Anyway, ketchup: I don’t actually own any at the moment, which almost caused Kim to faint dead away because I LOVE KETCHUP, this is a well-established fact, but since I don’t really eat it on things I eat at home, I never bought any when I moved to New York. ANYWAY, my roommate has some and so I use that when I need it, but she doesn’t refrigerate her ketchup, so I feel like I can’t stick it in the refrigerator because it’s not mine, but I would normally refrigerate ketchup. Also, bread. Anyone want to weigh in on this very important political issue? I appreciate your opinions.

So. I don’t really have a lot of news, other than it looks like we’re going to wait for the madness that is the summer season in publishing to die down before sending out the AUT MS, which is perfectly fine with me because I know that it’s a busy time, lots of conferences and vacations and summer hours happening, people aren’t in their offices very much. I’ve been sending it, a few requests at a time, to people in my wider social circle and have been getting pretty nice feedback, which is nice to hear. My roommate and I also came up with a tagline for AUT a couple days ago: “It’s a book about some peeps, doin’ some stuffs.” I think that sums it up quite nicely–not to vague, not too spoilery. 🙂

I’m also pretty far in MB–just started Chapter 20 a few days ago; I think it’ll end up having two more chapters and an epilogue, so that makes me pretty close! Not that this makes very much sense, now that I’m so close to being done, but I’ve added an MB progress word counter to the bottom of the left sidebar, just for kicks. I should’ve made it orange, now that I think about it. I think of MB as a very red-gold hued novel. Oh well. I’m too lazy to change it, and it matches the design of the blog, such as it is. You can get your own here. I’m actually very proud of myself because of how fast I ended up writing MB–I had five and a half chapters and a detailed synopsis/dramatis personae list when I started in mid-May, after my AUT revisions with J were finished, and it’s now the middle of July and I’ve finished Chapter 6 and written thirteen complete chapters since then, plus the few pages of Chapter 20 that are done. That’s a lot in two months! I really want to finish before August, so then I can put it away, go on my California vacation, and then come back and in September start tackling revisions. That feels like a pretty good plan. I hope to use my vacation to write a synopsis for GR, because that has made writing MB so much easier, even if I deviate sometimes.

That’s all, really. Sorry for the dearth of updates/boring content of updates when they do happen. Hopefully in the fall there’ll be more to talk about! Until then, don’t forget to express yourself on the to fridge or not to fridge ketchup issue–it’s tearing apart families and homes, stay informed!!1!

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