Friday Night Look-alikes

I know this has nothing to do with writing or books or publishing or what-have-you, but I’ve watched eight episodes of the first season of Friday Night Lights now and, much as I love it, what sort of bugs me is how much like other actors or celebrities the actors in the show look. In fact, for the first few episodes we watched, my roommate and I played the, “Who does he/she remind me of?” game. I think I’ve got it all nailed down now, with pictures to better illustrate!

First we’ve got the most egregious offender, Minka Kelly, who plays cheerleader Lyla Garrity. She looks exactly like Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf), does she not? (The one on the left is Kelly; the one on the right is Meester.) Leighton Meester’s got a fuller face and is a much, much better actress, but otherwise these two ladies are virtually identical.

Here’s another one that I can’t get over. Adrianne Palecki (left), who plays town bicycle with a heart of gold Tyra Collette, looks so much like Mandy Moore! Especially around the mouth; I notice it every single time she speaks.

Apparently I’m doing all the girls first! Next there’s Aimee Teegarden (left), who plays the fifteen-year-old daughter of Dillon Panthers Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler). I’m sorry, Aimee, I love you but you look like Miley Cyrus sometimes, except that you are much cuter and your hair doesn’t look fake and you are a good actress. And you don’t wear pink pleather jackets.

Now for the boys. This one isn’t exact, but about halfway through the third episode I turned to Eesha and was like, “WHY IS HE SO FAMILIAR TO ME? Is it just because he kind of reminds me of my brother?” To which she responded, “No, he looks like that guy in that dancing movie.” I am embarrassed (except I’m not really embarrassed by this) to acknowledge that I knew immediately she meant Channing Tatum (who, incidentally, reminds me of my brother, at least in She’s the Man). Anyway, Zach Gilford (left) plays the Dillon Panthers’ backup quarterback, Matt Saracen, who has to step up when All-Leaguer Jason Street is paralyzed in a game.

Then there’s Scott Porter (left). He plays Jason Street, the once all-star quarterback of the Dillon Panthers who hits a guy wrong during the first game of the season and paralyzes himself from the waist down. This one isn’t exact, either, but at least twice an episode I’m like, “This is what it would be like if Teddy Dunn could act.”

And last but not least there’s hottie-hot-hot Taylor Kitsch (left). He plays lovable screw up Tim Riggins, a boy with a big heart and a decent talent for football who, despite his best intentions, always makes the wrong choices. I took a long time deciding who he reminded me of, and finally I got close–Reality Bites-era Ethan Hawke. But prettier.

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