Drive by

Still in California, enjoying lazy days of doing exactly nothing. Not much news here, except I got a haircut! Oh, and also, I finished MB! Like, really finished it, typed the last sentence, which I’ve had scribbled on a Post-It note on my cork board for MONTHS. You will note that the MB Rough Draft word counter in the left sidebar has been updated to reflect this. You will also note that there is a third word counter now, for the looming MB First Draft revisions. Blurgh.

I usually write in individual Word documents by chapter first, which helps me with pacing, but I revise in one full MS document, so today I copy/pasted the prologue, epilogue, and all the chapters together in one document and am now going through doing a casual read and adding “*  *  *” section breaks, which I need but never seem to put in during the original draft. After I’m done with that, I am going to send it to my sister and my cousin for a content read (I count on them, as seventeen-year-olds, to answer really big picture questions: are the characters sympathetic, is the story interesting, did it end satisfactorily, etc.) and let it sit for about a month and a half while I do some prep work for GR (character manifestos, compile the soundtrack, synopsis, etc.) and enjoy the relative calm of submission season. Or maybe it won’t be calm at all, I have no idea because I’ve never done it before. I’ll let you know.

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