Music to write by

Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series (like you didn’t know that), famously writes to music. It’s not like she’s the only one (I would venture to say that a lot of writers write to music), but she posts playlists for each of her novels after they are published and thanks bands in her Acknowledgments and dedicated Breaking Dawn to the band Muse and took Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October on book tour with her, so…I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Meyer has music flowing through her veins.

ANYWAY. I also write to music! Actually, not really. I don’t usually listen to music while I’m writing because I’m easily distracted. But I do a lot of work in my head, on the subway or walking around town, and I do all that work to music. I did a lot of work on AUT as I trudged the two miles (coming and going) to class every day last year. So! If you’ll look up at the top of the blog, I’ve added a tab for AUT. I can’t talk much about it right now since J has started submitting to editors and I’m a “better safe than sorry” sort of person most of the time. I didn’t think it would hurt to put up the playlist, however, so it’s there in all its glory. Some of those songs have been with me since the very earliest days of AUT, when all I had was my protagonist (who has remained mostly the same throughout) and the title (which has never changed). “What a Good Boy” by Barenaked Ladies and “At Your Funeral” by Saves the Day were both suggested by IDK my BFF Cambria, who has patiently suffered through many revisions of AUT and who woke up sick and delirious yesterday morning to find MB sitting in her inbox.

There are some problems with the player at the moment. It won’t show up on the page, so in order to listen to the songs you have to click “Pop-Up Player”. I’m listening to it right now, so that’s at least working. However, I must warn you that some of the songs have errors and won’t play, which I’m going to try to fix. Also, some of the songs have explicit lyrics, and I’ve put a label on all of those songs in the written playlist. If I missed something, please do email me and let me know.

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