Chicken purses

You heard me: Chicken purses.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people carrying around this purse. First, my friend Cambria’s friend from USC, who we randomly ran into outside Dark Room in early June. Then, a girl on the subway a few days later who I thought might actually BE that friend of Cambria’s but who I eventually decided wasn’t. Then I saw it AGAIN two weeks ago when I was in the Oakland airport flying home to New York; an older woman was carrying it. I feel like I’ve seen it more than that, and then of course now on Katy Perry’s fantastically whacktastical blog (that’s the “I Kissed a Girl” crooner herself in the picture). It’s $30, and you can buy it here. What surprises me so much about the chicken purse is that I have no idea how I feel about it, sartorially speaking, which is especially weird considering that A. I normally have an opinion about everything, and B. this is a very specific item that it should be easy to form an opinion about.

So: hideously ugly crime of fashion (foul fowl?), or hilariously awesome ocular (ovular) delight?

One Response

  1. Chickens are in. No kidding. They are in the backyard, evidently, too, in the suburbs. I can’t believe it myself, but check out I’m stunned. So what’s a $30 chicken purse? Part of the chicken craze? Dunno.

    Don’t count on seeing me lugging one!

    Finally, I caught up with you….

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