Various and sundry

  • First things first: Thank you to everybody for their congratulations on the book deal! I’m very, very excited and I hope to have more info posted up here soon, like, um, a longer blurb perhaps? But I have to have a chat to my editor because there are some things we have to decide before I can do that. Still! It’s all very exciting (I need to find another word for “exciting” and “excited” before they lose all meaning, but my head is so foggy from all the excitement–there I go again–that I can hardly think straight. Who am I? What’s a blog?). Also, thanks to Heidi for extending me an invitation to join The Tenners–I will get on that post haste.
  • Second of all: Thanks so much to John Green, who is of course made of awesome, for posting a congrats message to me on his blog. I got an ARC of Paper Towns via work a few months back and inhaled it in, I think, two days? His best book, hands down, although of course Looking for Alaska will always have a special place in my heart. So please pre-order it/buy it when it comes out! Best dolla billz you ever spent, to be sure. I’m excited to attend his book release in October. One of the many great things about living in New York is that all authors eventually pass through. Pinkberry? Central Park? The Statue of Liberty? Pshaw. BOOK SIGNINGS.
  • Third of all: This may be of interest to almost no one, but I got an email today from my aunt from a gmail account she set up for my grandmother because my mom and her sisters banded together to buy Grandma a laptop. She was confirming email addresses and asking for pictures to put in Grandma’s contacts list so she’ll know who everyone is. I decided to give her two pictures to choose from: the one on the About page of this blog, and this:

This picture totally cracks me up. I think I’m almost four in it. When I was home in August I decided, quite suddenly, to scan a bunch of pictures my mom had in frames in our family room, which eventually spiraled into me going through all our old school and sports pictures. I found this on a proof card my mother had for some reason saved; it was, obviously, the picture they DIDN’T decide to have printed up for all our friends and family. But I think it’s much better than the picture they picked, because I have the funniest face! The photographer obviously caught me mid-laugh, and it looks like I’m winking at him. When I found it I just about DIED. I was lying prostrate on the floor shaking with laughter, and my mother fixed me with this dubious, my-daughter-has-finally-lost-her-mind look and said, “Anna, what is going ON?”

Anyway. Potential author photo? I think so.

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