Things I’m learning from MB revisions

  • I still have a dash and semicolon abuse problem. I’m aware of it now, so I’m doing my best to cut unnecessary uses of each of these punctuation marks, but I wish I could get to a point where I didn’t use them so much in the first place. I don’t know why I do. Actually, I know exactly why I do. I use them to mimic cadences in speech. The dashes go a long way, as do elipses, to show when people hesitate or change their minds about something they’re going to say. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to write dialogue the way that people speak, but you know what? It’s actually really annoying! Lesson learned. Or, not learned, but at least I’m trying to be better this time around. That’s something, right?
  • People say things “in unison” about a squillion times in MB. How ridiculous! This wasn’t a problem with AUT, but it is really a problem here. WTF? I am getting rid of these, don’t you worry.
  • I am a rock star plotter. That is a very self-congratulatory thing to say about myself, but I don’t care. I did a nice job plotting this book and I’m really proud of that, considering how not plotting AUT made editing it a total nightmare. Plus, I think it’s good to give yourself compliments about your own work sometimes, because most of your time as a writer is taken up with lamenting what a huge failure you are and how you’re a talentless hack who nobody would ever want to read. It’s nice to think you do something well for a change.
  • I still love MB. Try as I might to distance myself from it and hate it so I can eviscerate it, I actually think I did a pretty good job with this one. It was a dream to write, and now it’s a dream to revise. I will probably say the exact opposite in a couple of months when I get editorial notes on it, but right now I’m very happy with what I’ve done with this book. I’m nervous that my agent and/or editor will doubt it, because it’s not the same as AUT. It’s not as dark (although it manages to be dark at times), it’s got a lot more comedy, it’s got a romance, and it’s definitely not as bleak. It’s also less complicated, because there’s only one narrator and one timeline (AUT has two of each). I’m afraid people will expect my second book to be as epic as my first, but I didn’t want to write an epic book the second time around. I’ll save that for my third (or fourth, I haven’t decided in what order I’m going to write GR and SM in), because what I have planned for GR is EPIC and I’m going to need some serious time and space to write that thing.

So, yeah. Thoughts from my revisions-fevered mind. I’m at page 181 now! That’s almost 100 pages from the end. Go me!

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