I’m a crazy blog poster today. I finished revising MB! Oh Lord, SIGH OF RELIEF. Okay, but here’s the problem–I couldn’t find a lot wrong with it. Which either means that it’s perfect (doubtful), that it’s pretty good, or that it’s so completely off base that my agent is going to be all, “What is this? This is not what you should be writing,” and then I will lock myself in my apartment for the next year and speak to no one ever again.

JAY KAY! But it is a bit scary nonetheless, to feel like you’ve done pretty good work and then to remind yourself that you’ve been living in this book for a year, that maybe you just can’t see how irredeemably terrible it actually is. Let’s hope that’s not the case, okay? Fingers crossed.

I’ve sent the manuscript off to Joanna. Here’s hoping two things: 1. that she loves it, and 2. that I managed to get rid of all the track changes Nope, whoops, I so did not do that, had to accept all the changes and resend. Anyway, here’s hoping that she loves it!

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