Submitting to Joanna

So my wonderful agent, Joanna MacKenzie, was in town this weekend. We had lunch with my editor on Friday, followed by after-work drinks with my friend Abby, who was an intern at Browne & Miller the same summer I was. Since Joanna is actively building her list, I asked her what she was looking for, and also if I could post about it on my blog. She said yes, so here it is:

Joanna helps out on a lot of different kinds of projects, but when it comes to building her own list she really is looking mostly for YA, not middle grade. She’s really interested in seeing angsty, coming-of-age novels, and is open to paranormal and fantasy, but no fairies! She was very clear about the fairies. If you do decide to query Joanna (which you should totally do, she’s an awesome agent, I know this first hand), please follow the submission guidelines on the Browne & Miller website. If you send an email query, ONLY send your emails to mail [AT] browneandmiller [DOT] com, not to any other email address. They have a specific system for handling queries, and sending emails directly to the agents’ inboxes will not endear you to them because it mucks up the system.

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