Paper Towns release party

So I’ve mentioned a few times in the past couple of weeks that I was planning on attending the New York release party for Paper Towns, John Green’s new novel. Annoyingly, the event was in TriBeCa. I don’t know why this annoys me, but I think it’s just because I never go down to TriBeCa of my own free will and thus know of no good cheap bars down there. This is not true of the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side, Midtown, the Lower East Side, the East Village, and the West Village. Consequently, in the future I would like all my favorite writers to be sure to have their New York events in any of these neighborhoods KTHNXBAI.

Just kidding! What was really annoying was my inability to be there early, due to not being able to leave work until after 6 PM, and also having a fifteen minute conversation with my cousin who is visiting with her mother about our plans for today, and also that my closest subway station isn’t an express stop and thus I could not catch the 2 or the 3, dumbly forgetting that the A also goes to TriBeCa, so I could’ve taken an express train. I also forgot my camera. I am dumb!

Anyway, good thing Cambria got there early and saved me a seat, even though security was like the Pentagon and kept being like, “Wup wup wup, WE’RE AT CAPACITY!” and stuff. I got in a few minutes before the event started, and let me just say that 1. there were so many Nerdfighters there my head almost exploded, and B. the event was extremely organized, way more so than you would expect with so many people. So bravo Barnes & Noble, TriBeCa!

I would just like to say that I dragged Cambria to the event even though she’d never read a John Green book before, and though she’d heard me mention his name she wasn’t really familiar with Brotherhood 2.0 or Nerdfighters or anything, and she was just amazed at how many teens showed up and how incredibly enthusiastic they were about the book and the Green brothers and how they knew all the words to “Accio, Deathly Hallows!” It was a very inspirational thing to see, and John and Hank Green are to be wildly commended for fostering this huge community of intellectual, creative young adults, positively reinforcing their awesome, quirky, probably somewhat-underappreciated-in-high-school personalities and their ambitions and their thoughts and their emotions and their projects and their interests, and pursuing a love of literature with them. It’s just so cool to see! Do they give out Nobel prizes for this sort of stuff? Because they totes should.

The signing line moved really quickly, and John was gracious and friendly. I ended up buying the yellow cover, or “happy Margo” as people are calling it, because even though blue is my favorite color, I am instinctively drawn to things that are bright and multicolored. Nevertheless, the blue seemed to be far more popular at the signing, and in the bookstore where I bought it; they had about 10 copies on the shelf and I had to look through them all to find the one yellow copy they had. I wonder how they predicted that.

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  1. umm, aren’t you leaving out the important moment where you meet john green and tell thanks and stuff???

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