Happy Halloween or…something, whatever

I already talked about how I don’t like Halloween, and I don’t, but there’s no reason why other people shouldn’t like Halloween, so Happy Halloween everybody out there in blog land!

I celebrated Halloween yesterday, kinda, by going with some of my awesome coworkers to Roosevelt Island, where my friend Erin lives in this super cool apartment building that has its own rumpus room or whatever. For those of you not familiar with New York geography, Roosevelt Island is this skinny little island in the East River, between Manhattan and Queens along the Upper East Side and Midtown East. There are only two ways to get there–subway (the F has a station on the island) or tram. Yes, TRAM. Like the ones in Disneyland. That’s how we got to the island, although I’m not quite sure why we did that rather than take the subway, but whatever. It was fun, and the view was amazing, but also terrifying. I’m not acrophobic, but being suspended above the earth makes me nervous, which is the reason I don’t like riding in elevators very much, and I usually spend most of my energy in that sort of situation feverishly imagining plunging to my death. Nevertheless, it was really cool to get a different look at Manhattan. Oftentimes, when you live here or stay here for a while, you start having a hard time seeing the forest for the trees, and what should really amaze you just doesn’t anymore. It becomes too familiar, too everyday, for you to truly appreciate it for what it is. So standing on Roosevelt Island, with the Queensboro Bridge looming to my left and all of Manhattan stretched out and sparkling in front of me, was very striking, because it was different, but no less beautiful. Now I understand why Erin calls Roosevelt Island “my island”, because it really does seem like a tiny, private paradise in the midst of all the hubbub of the city.

Anyway, enough schmoopy stuff. For the pre-Halloween festivities we brought three brands of pumpkin ale (Post Road, Smutty Nose, and Shipyard, for conoisseurs), a bunch of pumpkins, and ordered pizza. The security guard in the building was this older woman who was really afraid we were going to throw a frat party or something, that she was going to come in at 11:00 and find somebody crawling up the curtains. We were like, “Yeah, we have to work tomorrow, so…”

We ate the pizza and chatted while The Rocky Horror Picture Show played in the background, then we got down to the business of carving pumpkins. Now, I did not carve my own pumpkin, because I am lazy and didn’t want to carry it all the way back to Morningside Heights, so instead I just “consulted” on Erin’s pumpkin. Really, I just helped everybody scoop out the insides of their pumpkins, which is my favorite part of the whole process. Alex’s pumpkin was an amazing likeness of Jack Skellington, from Tim Burton’s claymation masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas (the one aspect of Halloween I can TOTALLY GET BEHIND–I might actually go pick it up at Best Buy on my way home). Mary’s was a cat, complete with ears. Sunil’s and Erin’s were traditional jack-o-lanterns, and Nicole and Vicky’s were cute, small pumpkins; Nicole’s looked like a mischievous little boy, and Vicky’s looked like a light socket, in a really awesome way.

This morning, Erin came in with a batch of still-warm, incredibly delicious baked pumpkin seeds (okay, another part of Halloween I can totally get behind), Marisa brought in candy corn (fine, a third thing), we listened to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, and I realized how incredibly lucky I am to have coworkers I love to spend time with, at work and outside of work. They really are the best.

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