What’s the opposite of progress?



That old saw is my way of segueing into a brief mention of the fact that it is Election Day, patriots, and even though I’m sick to death of reading everyone else’s blogs saying “Go Vote!” and all that, really, you should probs vote. I have a BS in Political Science, which makes me qualified to offer that advice. You’re welcome! I myself voted in California via absentee ballot last week, so I’ve got no horror stories about two-hour lines and (gasp) no “I Voted” stickers at any New York City polling places, which, can we make an amendment to the Constitution which requires all counties to provide “I Voted” stickers at polling places and in absentee ballots so that we can all enjoy our free Starbucks and Krispy Kreme like real Americans? I mean, for shame New York, Queens, Kings, and Alameda* counties. For shame.

You know what I realized about elections, though? Not having a land line phone makes you completely insusceptible to robocalls and real human beings trying to get you to vote one way or the other. Hot! I’m never getting a land line, even if that urban legend Kim told me about how if I needed 911 my call would get rerouted to California because of my cell phone’s area code, which I don’t actually believe because of the apparent existence of satellite technology and stuff, is true.

Speaking of progress, I have almost 11,000 words of my NaNo project done. You can read an excerpt here, but let me warn you that A. it’s awful, and B. I probably won’t ever try to publish it, and C. it’s an experiment with voice and POV that is teaching me a lot, plus I’m trying on this sort of baroque prose style, which is a test of my vocabulary if nothing else. So no judgment, or if you must judge, do it in your indoor voice so I can’t hear you.

I am also–ba-pa-da-pa!–making progress on my MB revisions. 35 pages last night, who’s a maverick now? It’s looking good, and I really want to finish in the next week or so, because if I’m supposed to turn in a finished manuscript of AUT at the end of December, I really need to get cracking on those revisions as well. When I get my AUT revision letter from my editor I’ll be sure to let you know how terrifying it is, complete with a tears-per-minute ratio and the decibel level of my primal scream. Just kidding! I’m sure it’ll be fine.

*That’s the California county I voted in, for anybody who’s like, “One of these things is not like the others…”

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