File under: Busy, bee-like

This weekend I plan on really doing stuff. That is my goal. To be less vague about it, I am going to do these things:

  • See Role Models with Cambria and Abby tonight, because Paul Rudd is delicious and also it looks hilarious. Do not disappoint me, Rudd. I’m counting on you, Desmond Fellowes–Jesus saves but where does he shop, am I right or am I right?*
  • Revise MB despite boredom, lack of imagination, laziness, or the lure of all the West Wing episodes on Surf the Channel. Hopefully I will get through the whole thing and address all the issues Joanna brought up in the revision letter she sent me, but if not at least get to page 200 so that I can revise the rest next week.
  • Write 5,000 words of GD, which is my NaNoWriMo project. This may or may not happen, but I figure I can alternate between this and revising MB when I need a bit of a break or a shake-up.
  • Re-read All Unquiet Things in preparation for the revision letter my editor said will probably arrive by next Friday. I haven’t read AUT in at least three months, so it’ll be good to go through it and refamiliarize myself with the text, and also flag anything I notice.
  • Do a little laundry
  • Tidy my bedroom
  • Watch USC kick Cal’s butt on Saturday
  • Hopefully find time to read Brigitte and Polley’s script and write up a feedback email so that I can stop feeling so guilty for not doing that

So, I don’t know. My priority numero uno is obviously MB revisions, followed by AUT reread, followed by my NaNo project. Let’s hope at least the first one happens this weekend. The rest can wait, but I hope they don’t have to. Most boring blog post ever? You’re so right!

*See Veronica Mars, Season 3, episode title “Debasement Tapes.”

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