Delusions of grandeur

Re: last Friday’s post about all the stuff I’m going to accomplish–HA! No, almost none of that got done. 5,000 words in my NaNo project? WAS I SERIOUS? Oh Lord. You know what I did do, though? I did get almost all the way through MB with my revisions. I’m on page, like, 261 of 295 or something, which is pretty good. That, however, is only round one. I’m going through and addressing all the little things Joanna wanted me to change, add, cut, or give thought to, plus all the things I’ve found, and then I’m going to go through again and try to fix some of the broader things that she brought up in her revision letter. Then I will be done, or something approximating that, enough to send MB to my editor so that I can clear my desk for the arrival of the AUT revision letter on Friday.

I didn’t get a chance to read that, by the way, although I have been listening to the soundtrack to get me back into the mood, not that that constitutes anything resembling work. Actually, I’m not being fair to myself. Some of the stuff on that list got done. I did see Role Models, which was excellent, by the way, better than I thought it would be although I already thought it looked pretty hilarious. And I did watch the USC v. Cal game, and we did win, so fight on. I did tidy my bedroom, too, and also I did some consultation on and editing of my sister’s college application essay, which I’m still not done with yet, actually. And I watched a lot of The West Wing, so sue me, the election got me excited about politics again and that show’s first three seasons especially are fantastic.

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