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I didn’t always love Twilight. Actually, the first time I read it I thought the plot was boring and saggy, the pace was off, Bella was annoying, and Edward was too smug to be a heartthrob. I returned it to the library and thought nothing of it again until I saw the first teaser trailer for the movie and then it hit me–Edward (portrayed excellently by Rob Pattinson) was a dish! I had to know more, and so I bought a copy of the book at Target and devoured it and its sequels in a matter of months (would’ve been shorter, since I was nothing less than obsessed, but I had to wait until this August for Breaking Dawn to come out).

Yes, the books have flaws, but I love them now the way you love your siblings–you fight and you disagree and after living in close quarters with them for eighteen or so years you can see every little annoying foible, but you love them so very much in spite of all these things, which makes it extra special when you get the opportunity to enjoy their company. Which is why I was so incredibly pumped, after reading Breaking Dawn, which as you know I just loved, to see the movie. Despite my young age I’m practically an old person, so I didn’t go see the movie at midnight on Friday like all the whippersnappers probably did, but I did see it on Friday night and I have some thoughtsicles, which I will now present in bullet points because my brain is fried from editing MB this weekend (still not done! Oh how I suffer…):

  • Casting: Superb in most cases. Rob Pattinson, who is my new fake boyfriend (not to be confused with my fake husband, That James McAvoy), was spot-on with his portrayal of Edward, and I think that comes from the fact that he threw the whole “Edward Cullen is the world’s perfect man” concept out the window and instead went deeper, dredging up Edward’s insecurities and fears and self-loathing, playing him as a guy who has been lonely for a century, thinks he’s soulless and doomed to the fiery pits of hell, and has literally no idea how to deal with the sort of human emotions that he’s been suppressing since he turned. Kristin Stewart was exactly how I imagined Bella, and although I could’ve done with a little less polysyllabic grunting in place of actual words, she was just as awkward and unsure and subtly bitchy as I imagined. The Cullens, too, were well cast, especially Emmett, who is perhaps my favorite Cullen after Edward (although I do love Alice, too, don’t get me wrong). I can’t wait till the Eclipse and Breaking Dawn movies, which are Cullen-eriffic, because they’re probably my favorite part of the series. You know what else I loved? Seeing Michael Welch in the role of Mike Newton! I love Michael Welch as Luke Girardi from Joan of Arcadia and was so so so happy to see that he’s still acting. You know what I didn’t love? Stephenie Meyer’s cameo. It pulled me RIGHT out of the story.
  • Plot: For the most part I think the film was adapted well. The nice thing about the Twilight books is that they’re so bloated that when you take out all the stuff that’s not really necessary, you’re left with a silver screen sized story (as opposed to the Harry Potter books, which if you try to pare them down you end up with a woefully anorexic adaptation like Goblet of Fire). I haven’t read Twilight in probably six months, so I wouldn’t really notice if the story was missing anything specific, but I thought all the important stuff was in there. I think that Bella’s voice over was unnecessary, though, and at times made little sense. My cousin Emma mentioned that they left out one of her favorite lines, when Edward says, “If I could dream I would dream of you,” to Bella, and I agree, that’s a great line and they should’ve left it in. But otherwise I was pretty impressed with the way everything moved, I thought the pace was pretty spot on, and while the scene-to-scene transitions could’ve been better, I considered this aspect well done.
  • Scenes: LOVED the baseball scene, I always imagined it would be awesome to see all these super humans playing the great American past time. I thought the meadow scene was perfectly serviceable, because Edward’s sparkly skin was done probably as best it could’ve been given the fact that it’s one thing to read about and another thing entirely to SEE on SCREEN. I liked that they made the sparkles look the way it looks when the sun is shining down on snow. That was clever. Also, the movie reminded me that probably the scariest scene in all four of the books, including Bella’s demon birthing scene in Breaking Dawn, is the scene when Bella is surrounded by all those drunk guys in Port Angeles. Because that could ACTUALLY HAPPEN, and it does happen, and it’s one of my worst fears about living in New York, or any city really. Too bad not all of us have a bad ass mind reading Edward Cullen to frighten off would-be attackers. Also, that kiss scene was hot. Looking forward to more of that in the future!
  • Soundtrack: Honestly, I was underwhelmed. The only song I even noticed enough to look it up later was “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse, which I downloaded on iTunes and am now listening to on repeat every second of the day. I listened to the clips of Rob Pattinson’s music and while it’s awesomely garbled and weird and I would like to own both songs, I’m pretty sure they weren’t actually in the film? Maybe one of them was, but I don’t remember it.

Overall, I loved the movie. I can’t wait to see it again (I will probably see it one or two more times in the theater, let’s be honest) and buy it on DVD when it comes out. And I don’t know if you know this, but they’re now officially making New Moon into a movie, so even though I’m not very excited to see only a tiny bit of Edward and way more of Jacob Black than I could ever want, the farther they get in filming the series the closer we get to watching the awesome sexy chaos of Breaking Dawn on the big screen, so I’m all for it!

All right, back to work.

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  1. That is exactly how I felt about the film and my first go-around with “Twilight.” As an older reader (I refuse to accept the label TwiMom), I read snippets of “Twilight” and “New Moon” a year or two ago – and didn’t understand what the fuss was all about. When I tried a second time, in July, I was totally hooked – which worked well since “BD” debuted in August. The editing/pacing of the film was a bit off, I thought, but a fine adaptation. And you’ll have to get in line – Robert Pattinson is totally my fake boyfriend, too. My husband isn’t as thrilled about that as I am.

  2. Yes, one of the benefits of singledom: you can have as many fake boyfriends as you want!

  3. I havn´t seen the movie because I live in Denmark and it won´t hit theaters until February! I HAVE to find it online before that. I´m sure I will watch it on the big screen as well.

    I completely agree on your views of the books. It might not be the best written story ever, but I love it. Lately I´ve been questioning my own positive opinion of the series since people suddenly seem to be ‘hating on them’ and I´ve felt I should somehow see these ‘obvious’ mistakes! But I still love the books and it´s nice to know that you do too. You justify the mistakes and make it clear that they are good despite their flaws.

    I don´t agree on what you´re saying about Harry Potter though. I think that all the semi unimportant stuff is very important put together, and that they are essential to the story as a whole.

    I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. I know, most of my favorite blogs hate on the Twilight series and the message seems to be, basically, “If you like these books or this movie you’re a totally deluded moron.” I for one refuse to accept that. This will always be a safe haven for Twi-hards!

  5. I disagree about the soundtrack being underwhelming! True, the first time I listened to it I skipped around to the Muse and Pattinson stuff, but since I actually sat down and listened, I can’t stop playing it. And also, at least one song of Rob’s was in Twilight; it was playing in the background at the restaurant scene in Port Angeles.

    Other than that I enjoyed reading your thoughts and agreed with most everything! Good job.

  6. omg i love edward i thing he and bella is cute together…
    i loved the movie…
    the only thing i was sad about was…
    they left out a bunch of stuff from the book
    but i thought it was the best movie out of them all…
    i cant wait till the rest of them…
    i love u edward cullen

  7. I so agree on your choices of fake husband and boyfriend… I’m married and I have a shelf. My husband understands this shelf and has begun to put people on it for me. Robert Pattinson was his first pick. James McAvoy was mine. Becoming Jane sealed it.

  8. Hi there, just happened upon your blog and it’s great, you seem to like a lot of the things I do. Couldn’t agree with you more on Rob, he became Edward and made him even more beautiful to me. He’s my new fake husband, but I’ll let you have boyfriend status.

    I fell in love with the books from the get go even though they weren’t that well written. What they are is a fabulous story. I wish I had thought of it myself!

    I had more issues with the movie than you did but I definitely approved of the casting of Edward and Emmett and Alice. Emmett is also one of my faves and I loved the little addition of him waving the knife in greeting to Bella in the kitchen. It’s just something Emmett would do!

  9. hey read you thought robs songs wasnt in the film , Let me sign was in the bit soon after bella was bitten the whole montage of her and edward part , there .

    never think was in the restaraunt scene

    I love all 4 of the books , reading Breaking dawn for the 7th time . taking my time this time lol

    Love Rob pattinson , hes so lush , My site is suffering from my twilight fever , well only with my layouts , cos im finding picture i like to work with lol .

    but yea i agree with missing parts from the book , and missing important lines out , other that that , it was amazing .

    I have the full soundtrack from the movie , im addicted to it , especially let me sign never think and bellas lullyby

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