New covers for Douglas Coupland

I might have mentioned this before, but I have a literary crush on Douglas Coupland, the Canadian voice of Generation X whose novel, Hey Nostradamus!, I quote in the epigraph of All Unquiet Things. This is sort of apropos of nothing, but two other novels of his (both of which I’ve read, and both of which are very good, although Nostradamus is and probably always will be my favorite), Microserfs and Girlfriend in a Coma, are getting new covers (via The Book Design Review). Observe:



Girlfriend in a Coma


If you were wondering where the titles are on these things, my guess is on the spine. Anyway, I like the Microserfs one–it makes sense, because the book is about former Microsoft employees who start their own little dot com down in Silicon Valley and attempt to get lives–so the pixilation works well there (note also that one of the guys is completely naked), and I know they wanted the two covers to match, but I think the Girlfriend in a Coma one isn’t really enough, or something. It’s not like it’s a famous novel of his and people would get it right away. I really like the blurred, out of focus creepiness of the original Girlfriend cover, but hey, I’m not the one making the decisions.

Anyway, I just thought I’d drop some knowledge on ya.

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