Just the essentials

I just got an email from my friend Katie, who I sometimes mention on this blog, NOT THAT SHE EVER LEAVES COMMENTS OR ANYTHING I MEAN REALLY. It went a little something like this:

so, i linked you in a wordpress post. when you do that you can scroll over the link and a little box appears with? info? about the link i guess.
attached here is a screenshot of what came up.
it’s pretty comical.

Uhhhhhh….TOILET PAPER?!?! I mean, yes, Cambria is my best friend so I do mention her a lot because a lot of the dumb stuff I do and then blog about (a.k.a. Charmin Bathrooms) is something she is present for, so fine. And yes, ostensibly this is a blog about writing. And I even whine about Times Square a lot, and talk about my newly acquired appreciation for college football, so YES, FINE. But for the love of God, TOILET PAPER?
Sorry to be all shouty, but I believe–and I dare you to correct me, if indeed I am wrong–that I have only mentioned toilet paper once on this blog. And I was talking about the Charmin Bathrooms! Which continue to be awesome, by the way, it’s my goal to go to them sometime this weekend. But I think it is a little wrong to characterize my blog as one whose defining characteristic is that there is a lot of discussion about toilet paper.
However, I will embrace this the way I embraced the fact that people mainly come to this site to read my ridiculous opinions about Twilight. I don’t really care much about toilet paper, except that I always seem to be buying it and it always seems to be expensive (although everything’s expensive here in New York). And sorry, Charmin, despite the awesomeness of your holiday bathrooms I most often buy 5th Ave Preferred, which is the Duane Reade brand and is reasonably priced and of decent quality. So there you have it. My opinion on toilet paper.
Now go visit Katie’s brand new writer blog and tell her you believe in her! She likes Twilight, too! I don’t know how she feels about toilet paper, though, you’ll have to ask her yourself. Seacrest out!
(EDITED TO ADD: Okay, I don’t know what’s going on with the spacing of this post, I’ve tried to change it several times and no go.)

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