So…what’s it about, exactly?

I just realized today, you know what I never did? Post a synopsis of All Unquiet Things on the blog. Quel horreur! Major misstep for an author blog, I mean really now. There’s no publishers flap copy for the book yet, as far as I know, which makes sense since we’ve still got over a year until AUT is scheduled to be released, so the synopsis I’m about to post is something I wrote for my query letter about a frillion years ago. (Actually, just two, but whatever. Guesstimates!) It’s not official, is what I’m saying. Still, I think it’s a pretty concise description.

ALL UNQUIET THINGS centers around the murder of teen heiress Carly Ribelli, who was found shot to death a mile from her house in a wealthy Northern California suburb. Carly’s uncle, a dissolute alcoholic, was convicted of the crime, but a year later his daughter still doesn’t believe her father is guilty. Determined to prove his innocence, Audrey Ribelli contacts Carly’s ex-boyfriend, Neily Monroe, the boy who found Carly’s body. She is convinced that he knows more than he thinks about the events that led up to Carly’s death. Despite Neily’s initial reluctance, he and Audrey begin their investigation at the posh private school they attend, identifying prime suspects from among their spoiled classmates and digging up secrets about Carly’s past to get to the truth behind her murder.

Since I posted this now, I suppose I can stop calling my protagonists by their first initials, or Protag #1/2/3, or whatever. Those are their names: Neily, Carly, and Audrey. More on that subject in the future.

Until we’ve got some official flap copy from Delacorte, this synopsis will be posted on the All Unquiet Things page, along with my publication time line, and the AUT playlist.

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