Author photo!

Recently, my editor asked me if I wanted to have an author photo. Now, I hate having my photograph taken. I mean, I now submit, after so many years of my friends giving me a hard time, but it’s not often that I find pictures of me that I think look good. I’ll admit it: I’m one of those people who untag themselves in unflattering photos on Facebook. Whatever!

So my first instinct about the author photo was, “No way.” But Joanna said I should have one, and of course she’s right; you don’t often see YA books that don’t have author photos in them. I would argue that not having one preserves both my privacy and my air of mystery, but of course I have a blog, so…those things are pretty much shot, right?

I know a lot of debut authors have been going out and getting their photos professionally taken, which is probably a good idea all things considered, but I couldn’t do that, for a number of reasons. 1.) I’m too lazy. B.) I’m too cheap. 3.) I’m too busy. I don’t even know what it really costs to get professional photos taken, probably not that much if you go with a photographer with reasonable rates, but I hadn’t been able to get it together to do the proper research. Luckily for me, I know a friend who’s a budding photographer, so I asked her to take the photo.

We went to Central Park during lunch on Tuesday and after several misfires we finally found a background we liked (the painted iron railings of a bridge near 60th and Central Park West, if someone wants to make a pilgrimage there…I don’t know why you would, though, except it’s sort of pretty) and after much deliberation I finally settled on a photo. I sent it to my family, my close friends, and Joanna, who all gave me a big thumbs up. So here it is, in B&W and in color (don’t know which one I’m using yet, but I’d like to use the B&W version):



So. Anyway. Yeah. Photos! Feel free to vote on B&W v. color in the comments, if you’d like.

5 Responses

  1. ahhhh your hair is brown 🙂 looks good! I can’t decide… the color one is cool because the sweater matches your eyes, but B&W is always classy… hmmm I don’t think you can go wrong anyway

  2. I know, right! That’s my natural hair color. I grew it out because it turns out that when you’re not living with your parents anymore and you actually have to pay rent and other bills, red is a hard hair color to upkeep.

  3. I heart b&w – just in case I get to vote twice, or something.

  4. yay pictures!! Both color & b&w look awesome, but I am a black & white fan myself. As a side note love your eye makeup. Your photographer friend did a great job by the way.

  5. Great picture! I vote black and white.

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