Cover lover

LOL. I’m a big fan of Melissa Walker‘s “Cover Stories” feature, firstly because I think book covers, esp. for YA, are pretty neat, and secondly because I tend to find out about books I might not have heard about otherwise. This was the case for today’s featured book, Gentlemen by Michael Northrop. The cover is to die, but also I couldn’t help but thinking, Um, I think Michael Northrop’s cover is my cover’s boyfriend. Observe:

final_jkt_front-thumb allunquietjkt2

It’s the concept that connects them, the “obviously a dead teenager” thing, but also I feel like they’re sort of inverses of each other–black/white, etc. Both our names are in red, both our titles are in caps. Both books are mysteries. I love it. When Gentlemen comes out (April 2009, I believe) I’ll be sure to buy a copy and then when I get a finished copies of All Unquiet Things they can hang out. Or make out, whatever.

11 Responses

  1. Anna, that is creepy. Zombie book covers making out.

    Thanks for the nightmares.

    • EXCUSE ME, they are not zombies, they are legitimate dead people. Pretty sure that won’t help with the nightmares, though.

  2. How can they be making out if they are DEAD? Riddle me that, riddlemeister.

    In fact, dead people cannot make out. Only the living and the undead can. Therefore, they are zombies or they are living. They don’t look so hot, though, so I’m going with ZOMBIES.

    (Don’t worry–zombies are hot right now.)

  3. You are hilarious!

  4. I apologize, Your Royal Dubbness. I did not realize you were taking me so literally. You know I don’t care about zombies, though.

  5. Maybe not now you don’t, but you’ll care when they’re done making out and have worked up an appetite for BRAIIIIINNNNNS.

  6. I seriously regret this debate. You win. You always do.

  7. /runs to kitchen for a cookie

  8. That cover is your cover’s boyfriend. Crazy. I agree, though, they can’t really make out.

  9. I’m going to make it happen somehow, because I have FAITH in mySELF.

  10. That’s super funny considering my picture is on the cover!

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