Website up!

As soon as I pony up the money, this blog is going to automatically redirect to the blog at my NEW WEBSITE OMG YOU GUYS! So change your RSS feed and head on over to the new site: there’s a FAQ with both serious and bizarre questions, and if you check out the About the Site page you’ll see that there are some cool things coming. Also, don’t forget about The A Team–Joanna posted yesterday and we’ve had a big couple of weeks with book news that we’re almost ready to share, plus I’ll probably put up a post about copy edits when I get them next week, but this week I plan to post about the site and how we went from this blog to that thing of beauty, so stay tuned.

Say sayonara to this and hello to that!

New post up at the A Team blog

I think the title of this post says it all, but I have a new post up at The A Team Blog, talking about the work I’m doing on GR (my option book) and also finally revealing for the first time on the interwebs the actual title of MB, my second book being published by Delacorte. You know, I never really meant to keep it a secret, but I’ve always been unsure of the title in the sense that I wasn’t certain it was going to stick around (I’m afraid there might be some kind of trademark problem, in which case I have an alternate, albeit less cool, title for the book). And it seemed a bit silly to abbreviate it over at that blog, which is supposed to be a bit more professional than this one. So yeah. How revelatory of me. Checkitowt!

Paste eaters unite!

elementary_schoolEL OH EL really? This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I say things like “EL OH EL.” I just hope this blog is not the Internet equivalent of fourth grade. I positively HATED fourth grade.

Meanwhile, on another blog…

Today’s post is over at the Tenners, where I ramble on about my favorite teen movies. Sneak peek: there’s a lot of Shakespeare adaptations. It also took me forever to write, because I lost the first draft to a computer malfunction, and inserting images and aligning them correctly can take years in Livejournal. So I hope everybody enjoys it!


Just a short post to alert you to the fact that I have added a link to my Facebook profile on the About Me page. Lest you believe that I am woefully behind the times, I’ve actually had a personal Facebook page since 2005, when they rolled out the website for my school. The only reason I don’t want to put a link to that one up is that I actually use my personal Facebook page to keep track of old friends and family members and sorority sisters and stuff, and I just thought I’d get too confused if I combined Internet friends with IRL friends, so I just created a new one for all things authorial.

I would set up a new MySpace account, too, but I’ve got to be honest: I hate MySpace. I hardly use the account I have now, and maybe I’ll talk myself into getting one in the future, when the book release is closer, since it seems like a handy way of disseminating information for other authors, but…I just really hate it. Facebook is way more my thing.

Oh, and also I’ve joined the Tenners, a community over on Live Journal for writers with books coming out in 2010. Hit up my bio (with a little, never before seen synopsis of AUT grabbed from my query letter, if you can believe it, plus a bit more information about me and an explanation about where the title All Unquiet Things came from), and check out what the other lovely Tenners are up to. Speaking of people with books coming out in the future (nice segue, I know), you might want to stop by the 2009 Debutantes Live Journal, because their books are about to start rolling out in January and you know you want to add them all to your Amazon wishlist.


Someday soon, I hope, my friend Eric is going to design me a website. We haven’t been really working on it because of the summer and our various vacations and my need to really finish my revisions, etc., but hopefully now that it’s fall we can start thinking about things and get the ball rolling. I’ve also been putting it off because ideally I’d like to maybe possibly sell AUT before we design the site, mostly because, you know, some content besides the blog would be nice. But I’m not sure how long it’s going to take to do that, so I think we’ll take our time and work on it when we can until I make a decision about what exactly I would like to go up.

Anyway, Eric told me to start gathering up some ideas about what I want the site to look like. I have kind of an idea but no concrete plan, so I decided the best way would be to gather up images that invoked the aesthetic I wanted and then show them to him and see what he can do with that. The easiest (read: laziest) way I’ve found to do this is to subscribe to the RSS feeds for We Heart It and FFFFOUND and a frillion other Tumblrs and use Google Reader’s star feature to keep track of all the images I like. I’ve been downloading them and putting them into a Picasa album for Eric to look at when he gets home.

I thought I’d put up some samples here. Mostly they conform to one very broad aesthetic, a sort of vintage, shabby-chic (I guess–this is the term Eric used) look with lots of muted, faded tones and soft light filters. My attraction to this aesthetic sort of surprises me, since I’m usually all about bright colors and graphics, but I want the site to be sophisticated and understated and beautiful, not loud and in-your-face. Enjoy!

I know it’s probably been done over and over again, but I really like the vintage Poloroid look a lot of these pictures have. It’s nice and subtle. This isn’t the entire collection of images I’ve amassed for Eric, but it’s a good sampling.

[Also, I should note that none of these photographs were taken by me, and they are the property of whoever produced them. This is just for illustration. If you know anything about We Heart It and FFFFOUND and Tumblr, you’ll know that a lot of these photos just wandered into my Google Reader without sources, so if they belong to you and you’d like me to put up a link please email me.]

Music to write by

Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series (like you didn’t know that), famously writes to music. It’s not like she’s the only one (I would venture to say that a lot of writers write to music), but she posts playlists for each of her novels after they are published and thanks bands in her Acknowledgments and dedicated Breaking Dawn to the band Muse and took Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October on book tour with her, so…I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Meyer has music flowing through her veins.

ANYWAY. I also write to music! Actually, not really. I don’t usually listen to music while I’m writing because I’m easily distracted. But I do a lot of work in my head, on the subway or walking around town, and I do all that work to music. I did a lot of work on AUT as I trudged the two miles (coming and going) to class every day last year. So! If you’ll look up at the top of the blog, I’ve added a tab for AUT. I can’t talk much about it right now since J has started submitting to editors and I’m a “better safe than sorry” sort of person most of the time. I didn’t think it would hurt to put up the playlist, however, so it’s there in all its glory. Some of those songs have been with me since the very earliest days of AUT, when all I had was my protagonist (who has remained mostly the same throughout) and the title (which has never changed). “What a Good Boy” by Barenaked Ladies and “At Your Funeral” by Saves the Day were both suggested by IDK my BFF Cambria, who has patiently suffered through many revisions of AUT and who woke up sick and delirious yesterday morning to find MB sitting in her inbox.

There are some problems with the player at the moment. It won’t show up on the page, so in order to listen to the songs you have to click “Pop-Up Player”. I’m listening to it right now, so that’s at least working. However, I must warn you that some of the songs have errors and won’t play, which I’m going to try to fix. Also, some of the songs have explicit lyrics, and I’ve put a label on all of those songs in the written playlist. If I missed something, please do email me and let me know.

I blog, therefore I am

Jury’s still out on this template, but I’m too lazy to whip up a design for myself. So, um, hi cruel world! Oh, this? It’s my blog. Yeah. A blog. I’ll be blogging. About writing. Because now that I have an agent, becoming published is looking less like a pipe dream and more like something that could actually happen. Possibly. Maybe. I don’t know. We’ll see!