Not that you cared, but…

Today I got a card in the mail at work. I never get mail at work now that I switched Netflix delivery back to my apartment, so it was sort of a surprise. My friend M1 walked all the way over from her side of the room (I work in a bullpen type area; none of my coworkers has their own office, or cubicle, so it’s one big sleepover every day except without much sleeping) to hand it to me. Inside it read:

Anna Banana,

I hope this letter finds you well. How is your family? Things are pretty good over on this side of the room. Lots of good stuff on Jezebel, etc. Nice weather today, too.

See you around the g-chat!




Dear Anna,

You were complaining about never getting any presents in the mail, so…YAY PRESENTS!

Anyway, you’ll probably get this while I’m still away. So you’ll have to let me know later how a.) happy, b.) weirded out, or c.) annoyed you were to receive this!

Lots of love,


P.S. I’m not really sure where this card came from. It’s been sitting on my desk for the last month. I wonder if it’s one of those charity donation things for the artists who paint landscapes or still-lifes [lives?] with their feet.

This is the photograph on the front of the card. It’s called “Tulip Celebration.” I know this was a joke, but actually I love pink tulips, they’re my favorite flower, and lilacs too, and I only wish that they were more the focus of the photo instead of just the background, but oh well. It was a free card.

What cracks me up about this is that two of my coworkers, M1 and M2, took the time to write messages to me, put the card in the mail with a stamp on it, and then when it came in the mail M1 actually walked it over to me herself. What a convoluted plan! That’s love, folks. I am loved.

Apropos of nothing, I told M1 that I got a Facebook friend request from a guy ostensibly named David George today. We had no friends in common, and if I had decided to accept it I would’ve been his second friend entirely. His message read as follows:

Hi, nice pix, just wanted to say hi and maybe get to know you.

Now. I got this request on the Facebook profile linked in the About section of this blog, where I only have one picture, and it is not that nice, frankly, and also, I’m a writer, don’t say “pix” to me, it’s not even a word. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, how sketchy is this? Facebook is not MySpace–it is a legitimate social networking site, and I have no interest in using it as a free, although I’m sure some people do. I was confused by this guy because his profile said he worked for the World Health Organization, which, what a random thing to be a lie, right? But otherwise the profile was mostly empty.

Anyway, M1 just came over to tell me that she also got a random Facebook friend request from someone with whom she had no friends in common, who only had eight friends entirely, and said something generic and dumb as well. Is this some kind of insidious viral marketing campaign I’m not aware of? Or are these people legitimately just trying to gain our confidence and then bilk us out of our nonexistent millions through some pyramid scheme? Questions to ponder, surely.

And in case you were wondering, yes I am posting about random things my coworkers send me via mail and Facebook mysteries because I haven’t yet found the strength to tackle MB revisions. Thanks for asking that awkward question. I’m getting to it.


Just a short post to alert you to the fact that I have added a link to my Facebook profile on the About Me page. Lest you believe that I am woefully behind the times, I’ve actually had a personal Facebook page since 2005, when they rolled out the website for my school. The only reason I don’t want to put a link to that one up is that I actually use my personal Facebook page to keep track of old friends and family members and sorority sisters and stuff, and I just thought I’d get too confused if I combined Internet friends with IRL friends, so I just created a new one for all things authorial.

I would set up a new MySpace account, too, but I’ve got to be honest: I hate MySpace. I hardly use the account I have now, and maybe I’ll talk myself into getting one in the future, when the book release is closer, since it seems like a handy way of disseminating information for other authors, but…I just really hate it. Facebook is way more my thing.

Oh, and also I’ve joined the Tenners, a community over on Live Journal for writers with books coming out in 2010. Hit up my bio (with a little, never before seen synopsis of AUT grabbed from my query letter, if you can believe it, plus a bit more information about me and an explanation about where the title All Unquiet Things came from), and check out what the other lovely Tenners are up to. Speaking of people with books coming out in the future (nice segue, I know), you might want to stop by the 2009 Debutantes Live Journal, because their books are about to start rolling out in January and you know you want to add them all to your Amazon wishlist.

Random thoughts

  • I’m number one in my facebook March Madness pool! Last year I was dead last pretty much the whole way through, because my bracket was basically random and I picked University of Illinois to go all the way, which sucked when they lost in, like, the second round. This year I always picked the top-seeded team to win unless I was attached to the bottom seeded team, which means that I usually sided with California/Pac 10 teams or Jesuit universities, since I went to one (my school isn’t good enough to participate in March Madness, so I never have the urge to, say, put them through to the end despite all odds, like my b-fri Cambria did with USC this year). It’s working out well so far, but I don’t expect to be on top for too long. Still, it’s nice not to be last; that was my goal.
  • As far as I know my roommate and I haven’t gotten an electric bill for March, but our lights are still on. I don’t know. It’s been bugging me. I really doubt we overpaid last month. Now would be a really bad time for my electricity to get cut off.
  • I planned an egg hunt for the people in my office yesterday, and it went really well. I got up super early and went to the office before anybody else got there. It was really strange, because I’m always, like, the last person there in the mornings–so eerily silent. But I hid all the eggs and around 3:00 I set everybody loose hunting for them. I was worried it wouldn’t work out very well because I thought there wouldn’t be enough eggs, or everybody would find them very quickly and it wouldn’t be much fun, or that there would be party poopers. But none of that happened! Actually, they looked for the last egg forever and it was, of course, right in front of their faces; Alex actually picked up the table it was on, didn’t see it, put the table down and it rolled off and into a corner and he STILL didn’t see it. It was pretty awesome. I also got a chance to show off my non-math skills, having miscounted the eggs and then being unable to calculate how many there REALLY were. According to me, 34 is a multiple of six. I’m very embarrassed, but hey, I never professed to be a math whiz.
  • Why does the word “whiz” have an “h” in it when the word “wizard” doesn’t?