A little perspective

I’m so sure y’all have seen this on, like, a hundred million other writing/book/publishing blogs and websites already, but just in case you haven’t, please watch this video:

Oh my God, is that not the funniest thing ever? It’s all so true. My favorite quote? “YouTube. Of course. ‘Cause you know that’s the dream, right? 20 years ago when I wanted to become a writer, a big part of the dream was being able to put little videos on the Internet. That’s it. That’s why we do this.”

Books to flims* trailers

I just read Brideshead Revisited, as you can see on the left sidebar, and I really loved it so I’m pumped for this adaptation, with a screenplay by the capable Andrew Davies (I’ve pretty much been devoted to him since the very classy adaptation of House of Mirth starring Gillian Anderson) and directed by Julian Jarrold, who Becoming Jane, which I loved. I know going in that it’s mainly going to concentrate on the love story between the book’s narrator Charles Ryder (Matthew Goode, of The Lookout, which was good, but mostly owing to the awesomeness of Joseph Gordon Levitt, so this is a test for him) and Julia Flyte (relative newbie Hayley Atwell, who played Mary Crawford in that Masterpiece Theatre Mansfield Park I couldn’t bring myself to watch, so it’s a test for her as well), so I won’t be too disappointed going in. I’m wondering how seriously they took the religious struggles of all the characters, and it already seems like they’re positioning Sebastian as a gay character, although I’m not quite sure that’s what he was in the novel. I mean, he was a bit fey at times, but overall I think his descent into acute alcoholism and spiritual despair, which consume his life, really negate the question of his sexuality altogether. Whatevs! The trailer is very stirring, as trailers can be, but of course this means nothing as to the final product. I’m really interested in the relationship they seem to be setting up between Lady Marchmain (Emma Thompson) and Charles, implying that they become enemies, which isn’t really true. Lady Marchmain has her own agenda, and she does want Charles to fall in line so that she can rein in Sebastian, which doesn’t work, but she is long dead before Charles falls in love with Julia and their subsequent affair, so she can’t really interfere in that. We’ll see. In the meantime, I find that moment when Julia snaps, “What does Charles Ryder really want?” to be very affecting. And that moment where Lord Marchmain (Michael Gambon) says, “What a lot of temptations,” and then puts his arms around his two children, and they’re all dressed in white, and Sebastian lays his head on his father’s arm and Julia sits there with her cold appraisal and they all look like ghosts who are planning to, like, suck out his soul or whatever is super creepy, in a really awesome way. Movie comes out…July 25, 2008 (limited)? Wow, I didn’t think it’d be so soon. Thank God I live in New York, so I can see it in limited release because you know that’s not making its way to theaters across the country.

Now, I never got around to finishing Twilight, let alone the two giant tomes (soon to be three) that follow it, BUT I have to admit I’m a bit excited for the movie. I like a good vampire flick from time to time, esp. when it’s got hot boys, which is sort of the whole point of this movie. On the other hand, I thought the book was repetitive to the point of being boring, so hopefully that won’t carry over. I think the trailer is a bit misleading–with all those shots of Bella walking through her own house and the lines about there being a secret told as a legend blah blah blah it seems like there’s something about her house and the farm (?) it’s on, but really there isn’t (or am I just saying that because I haven’t finished the book?). And there’s only a few shots of Edward Cullen, and he’s, like, the main pull of the whole franchise! Sad face that Anna Kendrick (so superb in Rocket Science) is relegated to a small part (I think one of Edward’s vampy sisters?), but she’s on the rise anyway. I’m hoping that seeing this movie will rev me up to go back to the series and actually read all the books.

Any other book-to-movie trailers about that I should see?

*This is not a typo. Did you ever see that commercial with Steve Martin as the Pink Panther and he’s sitting in the theater next to a little girl and she’s making some noise by opening a package of Twizzlers or something and he’s all, “Shh, I’m trying to watch the flim!”? My friends and I now say “flim” a lot. Sorry about that.

ETA: Ooh, look, another Twilight trailer via Marmite and Tea. This time with actual words!

Pretty freakin’ important

Happy Easter everybody! Because we’re far away from our families, my friend Cambria and I exchanged Easter baskets before going to brunch after our respective churchy services.


That horse you see in the back there? His name is Whiffles, and Cambria got him because she thought he was a unicorn, a clever little shout-out to our unabashed, puerile love for Charlie the Unicorn. I wonder if Diana Peterfreund has seen Charlie the Unicorn, as she’s writing a YA about killer unicorns and if there are two more sinister unicorns than the ones who drag Charlie to Candy Mountain, well, I don’t want to know about it. Anyway, Whiffles is not a unicorn, he’s just a regular horse (I had to give Cambria VERY SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS not to eat him, as she’s a fan of the exotic meats), but he does have some pretty funky hair that with a little gel could resemble a unicorn horn. I tried to fashion him one out of one of my leftover Post-Its, but it, um, didn’t work out as planned.

Anyway! This photo also gives a tiny little peek into my very humble abode; that white fabric with pink tulips on it is one of my pillow shams, and to the right you see my beloved laptop, Iphigenia Doubtfire. We’ve been through some rough times, me and Iphy, but she always has my back. Maybe I’ll tell you about it some day.

I’ll leave you with one final photo. A little sacreligious, but since Peeps probably have as much to do with the true spirit behind the celebration of Easter as red and green M&Ms have to do with Christmas, I think I’m on the safe side of blasphemy tonight. Enjoy!

peep show

It’s a Peep show! Geddit?