Internet karma

I keep getting emails about The Weepies. The Weepies are in Sex and the City, playing their [truly lovely] song “All This Beauty”! (Which, like, yeah–The Weepies are going to get people to go see Sex and the City. I’m so sure. If anything, being in Sex will boost Weepies ticket sales. Maybe that was the plan…oh.) The Weepies Give Away Their $10,000 Video Budget! Like, I get it. I posted about The Weepies, so I’m doomed to receive generic press release emails about them from whatever PR company they hired all the way into eternity. That’s what I get for A.) having a blog upon which I posted my email address and B.) working in Internet marketing myself. HOWEVER, I would like to give a little bit of advice: those email blasts? Don’t really work very well. Because they’re annoying as hell. Also, if you’re not giving me something for free, I don’t want to hear from you, unless there’s some sort of opt-out link at the bottom of your email, which I will click. Sorry. I read blogs. I know what’s up. And I already love The Weepies, so you don’t need to be cluing me into everything they’re doing–if I want to know, I’ll go to their MySpace, which I know how to find because I’ve been there before and even linked to it on the post I wrote about The Weepies. So you can STOP. I’m ALL SET.

But, to The Weepies: I still love you, and if I have to be bugged by emails it’s a small price to pay for your awesome. But fire your PR guys. They’re not doing you any favors by annoying the shit out of your fans. I realize by creating this post and writing the words “The Weepies” like 10 times that I’m going to get 10 more times the spam, but whatever. I’ll just delete it.

2 Responses

  1. Hey, we’re so sorry you’re getting pummeled by spam emails on our behalf. That’s sucks. We don’t know why or how – we send out like one a month at most, and those only to the folks who specifically asked to get emails. Honestly, we’re not on the ball enough to send spam, and we don’t have a PR firm. We will look into the evil and try to remedy.
    Steve & Deb

  2. Oh, no, I love you guys no worries! I was actually posting this because I think it’s funny since I work in Internet marketing and probably bother people all day with my emails, so it really is Internet karma, but I really don’t mind, I mean, I have a delete button! Oh God. I always forget that famous people have Internet access, and that this thing is actually out where everybody can see it. Plus I forget about Google alerts.

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