Weekend updates

Three posts in one week, I’m on fire! I hope you’re making a note of this, Internet. Anyway, I thought I’d give a little status report, since about two milliseconds after I wrote Wednesday’s post I heard from J. D finished her read and loved the MS, but had some notes, so I’m expecting a marked up manuscript to arrive in the mail today with feedback from the both of them (apparently I’m a big fan of dashes–who knew! Oh, there I go again) and also J sent me a list of big picture questions from D. So I have some work to do! I revise pretty fast, all things considered, once I sit down and just do it already, but I don’t really have time this weekend, which bugs me since I like to get these things done as soon as possible but also because I…sort of miss AUT? Is that weird? I haven’t actually looked at it seriously since May, when I finished the last round of revisions. It’s not that I miss the characters, exactly, because in my downtime from MB I’m working on a “sequel” to AUT (not a sequel, really, but a follow-up? I don’t know what to call it, and I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it, but it’s about the same characters and stuff), so I spend a significant time with them, but still.

But you know when you look at a manuscript you haven’t looked at in a long time and you’re like, “What IS THIS?” I opened AUT the other day just to make sure it was the right version before sending it to my friends Abby and Paul and I read the first page–just the first page!–and found about five things I wanted to change. So this round of revisions will be just as much about what I want to change as what J and D think needs revising. It’ll probably take me longer than I originally supposed, if that’s the case. Sigh. Oh well. I’ve got a bit of time. This might delay my completion of MB, though, but that’s all right. As long as this is all done by my vacation (AUT revisions and MB rough draft), it should be gravy.

What will keep me busy this weekend, you ask? Well, I’m glad you did! Tonight, The X-Files: I Want to Believe. If you follow my Tumblr, you know that I’m a huge fan, and a huge M/S ‘shipper, and that I’m super excited to see this new film. I’ve been preparing for the release by doing daily season retrospectives on Tumblr and posting clips and pictures and watching a bunch of episodes at home after work.

Tomorrow, I don’t know what I’m doing during the day (maybe AUT revisions? If the MS J sent comes today), but around seven I’m going to Abby’s apartment in Hoboken for a James McAmarathon (or a James McAthon, I can’t decide which is a better portmanteau), featuring Becoming Jane and Penelope and Chinese food. Speaking of the love of my life, have you seen the cover of Details magazine this month? Oh, you haven’t? Well, allow me:

You’re welcome! Also on Saturday night, my parents and seventeen-year-old sister, Alicia (incidentally, one of my first AUT readers), are getting into town! But too late at night for me to see them, I think, but I’ll see them on Sunday morning bright and early when we drop Fish off at this camp she’s going to in the city. She’s never been to New York, so this should be really fun and scary for her, and I’m so happy she’ll be here! And I’ll get to see my dad for the first time since Christmas. I figure I’ll spend the rest of Sunday with my folks, and then they’re leaving on Monday, driving up through New England to visit friends and celebrate their twenty-seventh anniversary (congrats, parentales! Not that you’re reading this). So that’s my weekend. Pretty jam-packed, but I’m not complaining. Next week, though, REVISIONS. I’m determined.

How are y’all spending your weekends?

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