Now what?

That’s all I can think as I sit down at my computer tonight. It feels so odd not to have a real project to work on. Last night, I sent my bright and shiny MB manuscript to Joanna, and now I feel slightly adrift. My logical mind says, “Work on GR or SM–you don’t have completed synopses for those yet.” But my logical mind is kind of bossy and maybe I don’t want to work on those things today, logical mind, did you ever think of that?

No, the real problem with both of those synopses is that they are stalled at the places they are because I don’t know what comes next, and usually that situation doesn’t improve with me staring at a screen. Plus, I know that I need to focus on one of them and put the other one on the back burner–I have never successfully written two books at once. But I can’t really decide which book I want to write first. The lazy part of me says, “Well, write the easy one first.”

Except there isn’t really an easy one. GR is full of experimentation, not in the general sense but for me specifically, as it’s sort of epic in scale and will involve a third person omniscient point of view, which I’ve never successfully used before–I usually write in the first person, I don’t know why, I just do. But because of the aforementioned epicness of the story, it’s sort of necessary to be able to follow a lot of people at once. It’s also not a mystery in as traditional a sense as AUT and MB (and my other planned novel, SM) are. I think there will be at least one puzzle and a lot of mysterious happenings that the characters will have to figure out, kind of like Lost I’d imagine, if I watched Lost. Hmm, maybe I should start watching Lost

SM is a whole other animal. In all outward appearances, it will be a lot like AUT and MB, but closer to AUT in tone, because I meant MB to be lighter, for my sanity if for nothing else, but with SM I want to go back into the darkness (same with GR, but in a different way). But there is a little technique I hope to use in writing SM which may completely backfire on me and not work and be a total disaster and kill my writing career (the melodrama, she is my friend), but if it works it will be AWESOME. Also, it will be very difficult to pull off, which is why SM is, in a different way from GR, not the easy option.

Except, it’s the one I’m drawn to in this particular moment, the one I want to plot out because I think plotting it will be easier than plotting GR and that’s what stage I’m in with both of these right now, but I think actually writing GR will be easier. As for manuscript progress, I have three pages of GR, and three pages and a sentence of Chapter One of SM. That makes them equal in pretty much every respect. Sigh. Well, at least neither of them are contracted and I don’t have to decide today. How very Scarlet O’Hara of me.

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