Not that you cared, but…

Today I got a card in the mail at work. I never get mail at work now that I switched Netflix delivery back to my apartment, so it was sort of a surprise. My friend M1 walked all the way over from her side of the room (I work in a bullpen type area; none of my coworkers has their own office, or cubicle, so it’s one big sleepover every day except without much sleeping) to hand it to me. Inside it read:

Anna Banana,

I hope this letter finds you well. How is your family? Things are pretty good over on this side of the room. Lots of good stuff on Jezebel, etc. Nice weather today, too.

See you around the g-chat!




Dear Anna,

You were complaining about never getting any presents in the mail, so…YAY PRESENTS!

Anyway, you’ll probably get this while I’m still away. So you’ll have to let me know later how a.) happy, b.) weirded out, or c.) annoyed you were to receive this!

Lots of love,


P.S. I’m not really sure where this card came from. It’s been sitting on my desk for the last month. I wonder if it’s one of those charity donation things for the artists who paint landscapes or still-lifes [lives?] with their feet.

This is the photograph on the front of the card. It’s called “Tulip Celebration.” I know this was a joke, but actually I love pink tulips, they’re my favorite flower, and lilacs too, and I only wish that they were more the focus of the photo instead of just the background, but oh well. It was a free card.

What cracks me up about this is that two of my coworkers, M1 and M2, took the time to write messages to me, put the card in the mail with a stamp on it, and then when it came in the mail M1 actually walked it over to me herself. What a convoluted plan! That’s love, folks. I am loved.

Apropos of nothing, I told M1 that I got a Facebook friend request from a guy ostensibly named David George today. We had no friends in common, and if I had decided to accept it I would’ve been his second friend entirely. His message read as follows:

Hi, nice pix, just wanted to say hi and maybe get to know you.

Now. I got this request on the Facebook profile linked in the About section of this blog, where I only have one picture, and it is not that nice, frankly, and also, I’m a writer, don’t say “pix” to me, it’s not even a word. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, how sketchy is this? Facebook is not MySpace–it is a legitimate social networking site, and I have no interest in using it as a free, although I’m sure some people do. I was confused by this guy because his profile said he worked for the World Health Organization, which, what a random thing to be a lie, right? But otherwise the profile was mostly empty.

Anyway, M1 just came over to tell me that she also got a random Facebook friend request from someone with whom she had no friends in common, who only had eight friends entirely, and said something generic and dumb as well. Is this some kind of insidious viral marketing campaign I’m not aware of? Or are these people legitimately just trying to gain our confidence and then bilk us out of our nonexistent millions through some pyramid scheme? Questions to ponder, surely.

And in case you were wondering, yes I am posting about random things my coworkers send me via mail and Facebook mysteries because I haven’t yet found the strength to tackle MB revisions. Thanks for asking that awkward question. I’m getting to it.

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